Machine Rental:

MH International has a variety of button attaching machines that can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. A stock of over 300 machines varying from fully automatic, pneumatic, fly wheel and semi-automatic are available in Sri Lanka. The machines are fitted with a compensator to allow the smooth attaching of snaps and buttons.

Once the machines are delivered to your factory, our skilful staff members will train you on how the machines should be used and taken care of.

We have built our own workshop in Sri Lanka to repair, modify and service the button attaching machines. Our office also consists of an in-house lab which enables us to check the quality of the products. With these measures, and our technical staff available 24 hours a day, our button attaching machines are dependable.

24 Hour Technical Support:

MH International offers our clients 24-hour technical support. Dedicated staff members will assist you over the phone or come to your factory and repair the machine. If the machine has substantial damage immediate action will be taken to transfer the machine to our workshop for repair.

Our technical support team also conducts free checking of garments and process tests every semester. A technician visit report will include details such as the data sheet, pulling test report, statistical process control chart and a confirmed style sheet.

You may also contact our technical support team for free advice. Not sure which snap attachment should be used for a certain material? Our team will share their expertise with you.

Bulk/ Express Delivery :

Bulk/ Express Delivery is available on all orders placed with MH International. We understand that emergency orders come up sometimes and we are ready to assist you in any way possible.