MH International supplies buttons, buckles and various accessories to a number of companies.

In the U.S., we provide accessories to Levi's, Dockers, Gap, Calvin Klein, and Victoria Secret.

In the U.K., we provide accessories to M & S, Nautica, H&M, Tesco, River Island and NEXT.

Metal & Plastic Buttons
In 2008 we took a major step in expanding our manufacturing capabilities by setting up our own button manufacturing facility in the south of Sri Lanka. This is a BOI approved project and has created many employment opportunities. Our facility is capable of producing 250,000 buttons in sizes ranging from 12L to 60L. These buttons are altered according to buyer specifications while maintaining European standards.

Our factories in China supply accessories for renowned brands worldwide. 2200 dedicated employees work around the clock to meet the two week delivery lead time promised by us. The metal and plastic buttons produced by their factories are TESTEX certified.

Other products available at MH International include:

  • Buckles
  • Rivets
  • Zippers
  • Belts
  • Pocketing
  • Waist Band Interlinings
  • Edge Control
  • Waistbands
  • Linings
  • Interlining

  • Buttons

    Our facility is capable of producing buttons in sizes ranging from 12L to 60L...

  • Belts

    We manufacture belts of various sizes, colours and designs...

  • Zippers

    Zippers of assorted lengths and sizes are available for you...

  • Buckles

    We offer big buckles, small buckles and buckles of different designs and colours...