MH International imports quality Italian and Chinese machinery to ensure that the end product is of high quality. We have established our own workshops in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh and we are able to modify and repair all of our machines. MH International has a stock of over 300 machines that can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Varying from fully automatic, pneumatic, fly wheel and semi-automatic, the machines are fitted with a compensator to allow the smooth attaching of snaps and buttons.

MH- 300  
Working Air Pressure: 0-0.7 mpa
Button Attaching Pressure: 0-650 kg
Frequency of Button Attaching: 280
Volume: 1350 * 550 * 710 mm
MH- 250  
Motor Power: 0.25 kW
Voltage: 220V
Size: 900 * 540 * 1150 mm
Weight: 70 kg
MH- 350  
Motor Power: 0.25 kW
Voltage: 220 V
Size: 700 * 550 * 1190 mm
Weight: 78 kg

  • Buttons

    Our facility is capable of producing buttons in sizes ranging from 12L to 60L...

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